welsh slate hearts on a plate hand lettered with wedding guest's nams
welsh slate heart hand lettered with a guest's name

These hand - lettered Welsh slate hearts make the perfect place setting and will look beautiful on your wedding table  in addition to making a lovely guest for your guests to take home to remember your wonderful wedding day

£2.60 each plus p&p

I love the simplicity of these place cards, made using spring buds gathered from my garden. 

£15 per hour calligraphy - these are best assembled and filled with flowers at home yourself, on the morning of or evening before your wedding. 

(price of tags and postage not included)

several hand lettered wedding place cards decorated with fresh spring buds
hand lettered wedding place cards decorated with fresh spring buds
hand lettered wedding place cards decorated with a fresh wild flower
close up of hand lettered wedding place cards decorated with fresh spring buds
hand lettered wedding place cards decorated with a single yellow rose bud
guest's name hand lettered on sea glass as a place setting

As featured in Bride Magazine, it's easy to see how I was drawn to using these pieces of sea-glass as place cards. They have photographed beautifully and look amazing against the white linen table runner. 

£15 per hour calligraphy plus the cost of the sea glass and postage. 

Also featured in Bride Magazine these place cards have a touch of luxury about them. They have been hand-water coloured and have some silver foil applied to add that extra touch of elegance.

These can easily be changed to match your colour scheme, and gold foil can be used instead of silver. 

£1 each 

watercolour and silver foil place card.j
wedding guest's names hand lettered onto clam shells as place settings / favours

Although their bumpy surfaces make them tricky to write on, these shells make such a lovely place card-cum-favour, especially for couples who have organised an over-seas or nautical themed wedding. 

£2.50 each plus p&p

Sometimes just a simple hand lettered name on a tag is all you need to add a sophisticated touch to your wedding table. 

£15 an hour calligraphy plus the cost of the tags. 

P&P not included. 

kraft tag name place.jpg
bride leaf place card.JPG

This is such a simple idea and perfect for a garden or woodland wedding. These leaves have an added touch of luxury with gold calligraphy and gold foiling. 

A nice way to present them is to use some clips to stand the leaves up in the centre of each guest's plate. 

80p each plus p&p.

Best made and delivered a few days before your special event. 

An easy try for any diy couple - try placing small flowers (these ones are from my garden) into hot wax. Once you have allowed them to cool, it's easy to add your guest's name to the tag, either hand written or using vinyls. 

wax flower name place.jpg
ivy ribbon slider place card.JPG

Hand drawn ivy trails across this beautiful place card. A wide, satin ribbon has been used, as well as a round ribbon slider.

£2 each.

Bespoke orders taken. 

box of circular wedding place cards decorated with a fabric rose bud
close up circluar wedding place card
circular place card on tablescape

I think this has been one of my favourite ideas for a place card. I love the use of the circle, and how the peach rose bud and rose gold writing perfectly match the couple's choice of table layout. 

£1.50 each plus p&p

wooden hand lettered hearts decorated with tibetan silver heart charms used a wedding place setting / favour

These little wooden hearts double up as a favour as well as being a place card to announce where each guest will be sitting. 

£1 each plus p&p

handlettered coasters.jpg

These funky retro coasters have been hand-lettered with permanent ink - a great way to allocate your guests' seats as well as give them a little something to take away with them at the end of the day.

These eco-friendly 'vintage' hankies have been hand lettered with permanent fabric ink - such a sweet idea for a place setting / favour 

hand lettered vintage hankies to be used as wedding place cards / favours
alice in wonderland themed menu card and wedding guest's name hand written on a red apple
alice in wonderland themed menu card and small log slice hand lettered with wedding guest's name and embellished with a silver tea cup charm

Alice themed place settings - why not! 

Calligraphy on apples can be used for other themed weddings too, such as Snow White, Harvest etc, and the log slice (which has a tea-cup charm on it) can also be adapted to suit many other wedding themes and looks. 

I designed and drew these Irish-linen menu napkins to also be used as a place setting. For a smaller wedding they could all be hand drawn with permanent fabric pen - for larger orders it would be best for the design to be printed on, and then the names added by hand. 

hand lettered / drawn Irish linen napkin used as a wedding favour and place setting - the wedding menu is written onto the napkin with fabric pen