This is an order of service for a wedding ceremony, presented as a scroll. Any choice of colour ribbon could be used. 

80p each 

This is a simple, alternative wedding 'order of service'. It lists the names of everyone in the bridal party, has key information such as the music choices used and has a memorial section to help remember those who have passed. 

a5 card  £1.00 each a6 80p each plus p&p

wedding service card

For Church weddings it is often easier to have an order of service booklet to give your guest the words of the Bible readings and hymns rather than have them fumbling through hymn books. 

This example has a thin card outer and then a paper inner sheet. 

The couple asked for their booklets to be stapled, but I have also shown how they might look if bound with ribbon. 

Prices vary according to finish and number of pages but start at £1.50 per booklet.