I've had the pleasure to take part in several styled photo-shoots featuring the work of other brilliant wedding-suppliers. They have been taken in a variety of locations, and with a range of 'themes'. I like to work to a brief and try to come up with new ideas for designs. 

Photography credits : Miss Paris Photo / Samilee Photography / Becky Payne Photography / Jemma_JMA / Your Choice Photography / Jay Photography / Megan McAdam Photography

Featuring the Painted Dress Project 

My designs have been featured in the following publications: 

* Magpie Weddings * Bride Magazine * Yorkshire Rose Brides * Unconventional Wedding * Let's Bee Togegether * The Perfect Wedding Industry * Awesome Yorkshire Weddings *

I think that one of the most important projects I have been involved with is the 'Painted Dress Project' - a specially designed wedding dress which has travelled the globe, never washed, and worn by different models for photo shoots and events, to highlight how women and children are trafficked and often forced into marriage. 

There are some video clips below which explain more about the project and list those involved.